maanantai 24. syyskuuta 2012

Vuoriston Philip ja intohimo

Kesän grillirasvat on pesty käsistä ja töihin tartuttu isoilla pihdeillä. Ohessa Grilliin rekrytoidun ohjaaja Philip Bergerin esittely. Mies kertoo itsestään alla lyhyesti. Katsastakaa muutamat valikoidut referenssit ja Philipin saitti. Antti Rokkaa mukaellen:" Mis sie tarviit erikoismiestä, ni täs siul o sellane!"

Djuice - "visit Belik" from Philip Berger on Vimeo.

Swedish Match - Snus- How To - 'Office Setting' from Philip Berger on Vimeo.

Metro Photo Challenge from Philip Berger on Vimeo.

Philip Berger Showreel 2012-March from Philip Berger on Vimeo.

Philip Berger is a director and script writer who is among today's
emerging pioneers in the creative world.  He began his love for films
making skate videos and weird zombie films with bad accents when he was
around 12 years old.  He studied filmmaking at Florida State University's
College of Motion Pictures.  He began his career in the art department on
feature films and commercials.  He then started directing music videos
and writing scripts for ad agencies which led him to begin directing
commercials.   With a passion to tell a good story using humor, design
and pure magic.  He strives to bring to life well though out characters
that are peculiar, idiosyncratic and sometimes absurd.  He places them in
situations and performances that are pure, honest and poignant.

He has worked with agencies from DDB to Leo Burnett, clients from Nokia
to Mitsubishi. Won awards such as Diesel's Art Showcase.

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